How to win at Roulette.

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This exceptional book it is about playing Roulette and winning 63% of the time.

Start with just 13 chips of any value and your are on your way to a nice win!!!

  Using our  3-Chip Plus-1 Plan there are other traits you must possess to make the system work for you. These traits are as follows: Patience, Knowledge (knowing when the table is bad or not in your favor and leaving to go to another table), having no greed (I do stress this), and, last but least, Guts.

  In the play section of this book there are approximately 40 true roulette recordings—I know they are accurate, as my wife and I played them. I will be talking about some of these recordings to give you a better insight into what you can expect, what you might expect, and what you shouldn't expect. When you come to the table to play, you must do the following: first, look for the numbers that have already been played—some tables have display boards and some do not. If the display board shows 6 or more numbers have been selected, I would go to another table. If a new spinner came to a table that you have just checked, it is OK to play. New spinner, new blood, new chance. If the tables do not have display boards, look to see if one of the players is recording the spins; if no one has any recordings, go to another table or try your luck* or just sit down and use the system to win.

   This system is not about the chip's value. Some people could only afford $1 chips, others $100 chips, and so on. So, it is in the best interest for all who play to concentrate on the amount of chips rather then the value of the chip. Well, enough of this lecture on dollar value vs. chips—now lets go over how to play and win! Oh, yes, one more thing: never let people or crowds get to you. If you feel uncomfortable, leave the table. You can always make money; don't feel as if you have to make it there and then, regardless if it is crowded and uncomfortable**.  Can I buy it now?

You have the system and now you will have the knowledge to win, and time is on your side.

Now go out and win!!

Obtain the Knowledge, Learn the system, Use the Strategy, Win the money!!!!.

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