How to win at Roulette.

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   *I was in a casino just the other day and ran into the same situation: no display boards and no players recording the numbers—and this was at all the tables. So it was really potluck on which table to start at.   The spinner had been there for a while, and as I sat down to play I wondered if that spinner had already spun my numbers or not. So I played (see scorecard #4 on p. 57, 11/10/93). It lagged on, and I took my wins and losses. I finally said that the table was dead. I looked at an empty table across the way and moved there. This table also had no record of numbers played, but, since my luck was stagnant on the existing table, what did I have to lose? As soon as I sat down at the new table, my win side started to come in, number by number. I continued to play and eventually left with more chips then I started with (about $750.00 profit in about 2 hours at the new table). Remember, the chips only have the value you give them. I used $1 and $5 chips on some plays, depending on the table I wanted to use. If it was crowded on the $1, $5, and $10-minimum tables, I would go to the $25-minimum table.


**Continuation from the main page if your are interested in the story.

  ** I remember one night, around 3 A.M., when the  roulette wheel was on a particularly good streak. People were all over the table like flies on shit. It was as if it were the last bet before the world ended. They had no respect for anyone—just get that chip on the table. They were rude, had no courtesy, and were only concerned with getting in and playing. It was “Greed Mania”; they thought their winnings would make them rich, and so common courtesy was not needed. If it gets to a situation like the one I just mentioned, don't get bulldozed; gather your belongings and leave for a while. Remember, most of all, that courtesy is important.

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Obtain the Knowledge, Learn the system, Win the money!!!!.


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